The Foundation has been committed to a new collaborative model for funding medical research that addresses basic issues. We have identified and funded investigators in the form of multi-year, collaborative consortium grants. We co-funded these initiatives, when possible, with other foundations to leverage and increase the effectiveness of philanthropic resources. Our goals have been to encourage researchers to bring a fresh outlook to a specific topic and to provide them with a financial incentive, and a common focus, for their work with others.

As of January 2003, the Foundation suspended the development of new collaborative projects due to its reduced asset base. We believe strongly in the collaborative model, however, and are hopeful that other foundations and philanthropists will build upon our work.

For more information about each of our collaborative grants, please click on the headings below.

Catalyst for a Cure: Glaucoma Initiative
The innovative partnership established in June 2001 between the Kirsch Foundation and the Glaucoma Research Foundation was a three-year program totaling $1,460,000-plus in funding. Four investigators were the original members of this research program.

Catalyst for Hair Follicle Biology
Established in December 2002, this two-year program totaled $230,000 in funding, and brought together two leading hair follicle biologists.