Environmental Grant FAQs

Previous Environmental Grants Awarded

Environmental Grant FAQs

Q. Doesn’t the Foundation have a competitive process through which my organization can apply for funding?
A. At this time we do not have a competitive proposal process. We are funding organizations on an invitation-only basis due to our limited financial resources and our current commitments.

Q. Does the Foundation plan to re-institute a competitive Environmental Grants process?
A. At this time the Foundation’s assets make it financially impossible to re-institute a competitive Environmental Grants process for the foreseeable future. If our circumstances change, we will post the change on this website.

Q: Where can I find information about all the types of grants your Foundation offers?
A: That information is available at How to Apply For Grants.

Q: I am interested in your current legislative activities. Is this information available to the public?
A: Yes, you can find information at Current Legislative/Lobbying Activities.

Q: Do you have information on other environmental grants your Foundation has funded in the past? What about a complete list of all the grants awarded?
A: You can find a complete list of Previous Environmental Grants. A list of all Foundation grants can be found at Grants Awarded.

Q: Do you have access to any environmental news articles that might be relevant to my interests?
A: You can find articles about environmental issues at Environmental Articles. Other Foundation news, and articles about grantees, can be found at Press Coverage.

Q: Where can I find all of the links in this web site related to the environment?
A: You can find those links at Environment.

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