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We are committed to a peaceful planet. We support efforts to create a safer, better world through grants, lobbying activities and educational outreach via our web site, as well as speeches made by Steve Kirsch and others associated with the Foundation.

The Political Reform and Global Theme Grants Program currently supports nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament efforts, particularly those focused on lobbying and advocacy in Washington, DC.

This is a closed grant program due to the limited funds available. We have already identified organizations that we are willing and able to support based on their close alignment with our funding objectives.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The most significant threats to a peaceful world come from potential use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, chemical warfare and biological weapons. It is one of the most troubling issues of our time, and that is why we engage in both lobbying and grantmaking to tackle it. Due to the Foundation's limited resources and the tremendous scope of the problem, we particularly address the need to eliminate nuclear weapons.

We support credible organizations located in the United States that focus on nuclear weapons issues, have the ability to influence discussions and debates in Washington, D.C., and are willing to allocate resources for collaborative lobbying activities. We are funding ten nonproliferation and disarmament groups located in Washington, DC, through our Arms Control Advocacy Collaborative (AC2) in which we are partnering with the Ploughshares Fund. This is currently the only mechanism for funding in this area.

If your organization, program or project does not meet our guidelines, please see our "Other Funding Sources" page.

An awesome and destructive nuclear bomb detonation.

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