Kirsch Investigator Awards Program (Medical) FAQs

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Kirsch Investigator Awards Program FAQs

Q. Who selected the Kirsch Investigators?
A. The Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board evaluated applications and determined the Investigators each year.

Q: What is the deadline for applications?
A: The deadline for submission of 2003 Kirsch Investigator Award applications has passed, and the program has been suspended.

Q: What are the obligations of a Kirsch Investigator?
A: In addition to conducting research consistent with the submitted application or new research that has arisen from their work, Investigators will participate in a one-day meeting each year with the Scientific Advisory Board to share their progress and learn from each other.

Q: I have a question about the Investigator Program. Who can answer it for me?
A: Email
staff* (change * to @)

Q: When will next year's application information be available?
A: As of January 31, 2003, both the Kirsch Investigator Awards and the Medical Research Collaborative Projects have been suspended due to the Foundation's reduced asset base. The Foundation is honoring its financial commitments for grants that have already been awarded. If either of the programs is re-started, information will be provided on this website immediately.

Q: Where can I find information about all the types of grants your Foundation offers?
A: That information is available at How to Apply For Grants.

Q: Simply as background, do you have information on the Medical and Scientific Project Program grants your Foundation has funded in the past? What about a complete list of all the grants awarded?
A: You can find a complete list of Previous Medical and Scientific Project Grants Awarded. A list of all Foundation grants can be found at Grants Awarded.

Q: Do you have any recent news articles about the Foundation or other grant recipients that I can access on this web site?
A: You can find publicity about the Foundation and our grant recipients at Press Coverage.

Q: Do you engage in advocacy related to medical research issues?
A: We are committed to lobbying as well as advocacy on behalf of medical research. For information about our public policy activities, read Medical Research.

Q: Where can I find all of the links in this web site related to medicine?
A: You can find those links at Medical Science.

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