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"Partnerships in science aim to speed up research"
Catalyst for a Cure, the collaborative between the Glaucoma Research Foundation and the Kirsch Foundation, is touted as a local example of a new approach to biomedical research. Learn more about the collaboration.
Mercury News – Esther Landhuis, March 23, 2005

"Extraordinary Women Accomplishing Extraordinary Feats"
(Reprinted with permission from San Jose Magazine)

"'Service' is love in action, love 'made flesh,'" wrote Sarah Patton Boyle, the American civil rights activist and author. "Service is the body, the incarnation of love. Love is the impetus, service the act, and creativity the result with many by-products." In the six years that San Jose Magazine has been presenting "Women Making a Mark" as a service to the community, the extraordinary women who have been profiled in these pages have taught us a lot about the kind of creativity, selflessness and service that is as effective as it is inspirational, as down-to-earth as it is inspired by altruism. From arts to healthcare to philanthropy and everything in between, the women profiled as this year's honorees strive to make Silicon Valley a better place to live through their selfless and tireless efforts on behalf of others. In cooperation with the Junior Leagues of San Jose and Palo Alto-MidPeninsula, San Jose Magazine is honored to present its sixth Women Making a Mark Awards, and to introduce our readers to some truly extraordinary women. It may be true that a woman's work is never done, but the spirit of service that these women embody inspires us all—and helps inspire the creative soul in all of us. They might not be willing to rest on their laurels, but their everyday accomplishments truly make Silicon Valley a better place to live—and that's something worth celebrating every day.

Michele Kirsch is currently co-chairing The Spirit of Giving Holiday BoutiqueSM for the Junior League of Palo Alto-MidPeninsula. She is also serving on the Done-In-A-Day Committee, which plans one-day hands-on volunteer outreach events that benefit community projects.

Kirsch serves on the board of directors for The Children's Health Council, is the chair of the Easter B. Clark Society and sits on the advisory board for RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) in San Jose. She and her husband, Steve, are co-chairs for the Inspiration Level of Giving at The Tech Museum of San Jose. She is also serving on Rebuilding Together Peninsula's fundraiser committee, planning the Dreams Happen event. She has dedicated time and effort to The Tech Museum, Community Foundation Silicon Valley, RAFT, Northern California Innocence, The Children's Health Council, and Rebuilding Together Peninsula. With her husband, Kirsch formally established the Kirsch Foundation in 1999 with the goal of affecting change through strategic giving and advocacy. They have used the foundation to investigate solutions to the problems and issues that place individuals and the global community at risk. Her many awards include the National Caring Award, a 2002 Leadership in Action Award and the 2001 Tech Museum Inspiration Award.

San Jose Magazine – September 2004

"Pair named Caring Americans for foundation philanthropy"
The San Jose Mercury News acknowledges Steve and Michele's induction into the Caring Hall of Fame.
San Jose Mercury News -- November 18, 2003

"Connection, Competence & Challenge"
This Council on Foundations' newsletter highlights Steve Kirsch's opening plenary at the 17th annual family foundations conference addressing the issue of "high impact philanthropy".
Council Columns, Council on Foundations – April/May 2003

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