California and Other States

CA Initiative Activity
The Foundation supported Proposition 71, the November 2004 "California Stem Cell Research and Cures" ballot initiative, which voters passed 59% to 41%. Proposition 71 provided $3 billion in tax-exempt general obligation bond funds for stem cell research. The measure intended to bring regenerative stem cell medical therapies from the laboratory, to clinical trials, to patients at large, with the goal of mitigating and curing major diseases and conditions such as Parkinson's disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and juvenile diabetes. The Foundation added its support for this initiative because of our longstanding support for embryonic stem cell research.

Other States and Countries
In the absence of federal action banning or permitting reproductive and/or therapeutic cloning, a number of states throughout the nation have passed or are considering legislation or regulatory action regarding stem cell research and SCNT. Other nations have adopted a wide variety of policies in response to the prospect of stem cell research. View a graphical map illustrating countries with a permissive policy on embryonic stem cell research.

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